Ways To Speed Up Your Claim

Here are the Top 3 Tips

  1. Provide copies of your medical records to Social Security if you have them.
  2. Return all forms promptly.
  3. Tell friends and family to return forms quickly.

Critical Claim Request

If you find yourself headed to a hearing before a judge and you meet certain financial or medical circumstances, you can file a critical claim request. This request asks the court to speed up your hearing. The request must be in writing and it must be supported with documentation. Granting the request is up to the docketing judge.

The kinds of documents necessary to support the request include:

  • Medical documentation that your illness is terminal;
  • Medical evidence that your condition falls under a compassionate allowance;
  • The claim involves injuries sustained during military service;
  • Medical evidence that you are suicidal or homicidal; or
  • Dire Need.

Dire need means you are without the ability to obtain food, shelter or medical care. Documents which support a claim for dire need can include:

  • Notice of Eviction
  • Notice of Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Evidence that you are living in a homeless shelter and your stay is expiring
  • A utility shut off notice
  • Evidence you cannot obtain medicine or medical care because of a lack of resources

The most common claim for dire need involves foreclosure or eviction proceedings.

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