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If you have been injured by the negligent actions of another person, and have sustained some type of injury to your body, you have a personal injury case. The term "personal injury" includes people involved in car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian injuries. It also applies to wrongful death cases, negligent security, slip and fall and dog bites.

Anytime the actions of another cause damage to you or your property, you can seek a recovery from the other party. The injuries you suffer need not be physical. You can suffer emotional trauma or damage to your reputation.

Recovering Damages in Your Case

In most cases we are seeking a financial recovery for physical injuries suffered by our client. This would include the value of the medical bills, future medical treatment, pain, suffering, scarring and for loss of consortium for a spouse, if the client is married. If the injuries cause you to lose time from work or result in the loss of a job or earning capacity, we will try to recover the economic damages you have suffered.

The attorneys at Harris & Riviere will first put together a team of experts to determine liability for your injuries. This may involve hiring accident reconstruction experts, doctors or engineers to determine whose actions led to your injury. We will try to determine if there is more than one at fault party, in order to maximize the insurance coverage available to you. Once liability is established, another set of experts is brought in to determine the value of your damages. These experts may include accountants, tax professionals, vocational experts and rehabilitation experts. They will help us try to put a dollar value on your case.

Once the liability and damages are established, a demand is sent to the insurance carriers. If an acceptable financial settlement can be reached, the case does not proceed to jury trial. If a settlement cannot be reached informally, the parties may seek court ordered mediation, private mediation, or in some cases, arbitration. How the case gets resolved is up to the client. We find many clients want to avoid the lengthy wait and risks involved with a jury trial.

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