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Seeking Social Security Benefits in Tampa?

About 1 out of 4 women who apply for Social Security disability benefits are women with fibromyalgia complaints. Most were working when a mysterious set of symptoms began to slowly chip away at their lives.

By the time they come to speak with one of the lawyers at Harris & Riviere, they have generally gone through a number of doctors seeking a remedy for their complaints. Many have resorted to holistic measures, like special diets or acupuncture, looking for a cure. Eventually, one of their doctors put a name to the problem, told them they likely had fibromyalgia and so began a new course of treatment, all designed to lessen the symptoms. If this sounds familiar, you are probably one of the estimated 5 million people suffering with fibromyalgia.

How We Can Help With Your Claim

When handling a disability claim involving fibromyalgia, we first establish whether the client meets the American Rheumatological Associations definition for fibromyalgia. The would involve having at least 12 out of the 18 common trigger point sites; having widespread pain in all 4 quadrants and having those symptoms last 6 months or more.

Other symptoms which are common to most fibromyalgia patients include cognitive problems, such as trouble with memory and concentration, morning stiffness, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, painful menstrual periods, neuropathic pain in their hands and feet, restless legs, poor sleep, depression, sensitivity to light, sound and temperature. Most patients also have some other rheumatological problem such as RA, lupus or other types of arthritis.

In order to qualify for disability, the condition must either prevent you from working altogether, or your earnings must fall below the SGA (substantial gainful amount), which for 2019, is $1,180.00 a month. If you meet this financial criteria, then we set about obtaining evidence from your doctors which would support your claim medically. The symptoms from fibromyalgia must markedly impact at least 2 areas general areas of function. Those areas of function include taking care of your personal needs; your ability to interact socially; maintain attention and concentration or you must have had periodic episodes of de-compensation (worsening of your symptoms despite medical treatment). We can use any kind of record to support how fibromyalgia symptoms affect these areas, but we must prove major areas of your life have been affected.

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