Tampa Pulmonary (Lung) Attorneys

Fighting For Social Security Benefits On Your Behalf

There are many pulmonary conditions which can qualify you for disability. Most often, we have clients that are complaining of some type of obstructive or restrictive pulmonary condition. In those cases, Social Security generally uses a bright line test to determine whether a person qualifies for disability. The test is based upon the results of your pulmonary function studies. If you have a condition which leaves you with less than 30% of lung function, after bronchodilaters are administered, you are generally considered disabled. It is critical if you are claiming a breathing disorders as your primary disability, that you have pulmonary function studies performed.

Other conditions which may be debilitating include impaired gas exchange resulting in low oxygen saturation, or high carbon dioxide levels, asthma with chronic bronchitis or chronic asthma attacks requiring physician intervention or hospitalization, cystic fibrosis, persistent lung infections, pneumoconiosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary heart disease, lung transplant and arterial hypoxemia. All of these conditions must be evaluated by objective testing. Depending on your condition, blood work, arterial gasses, echocardiograms and blood pressure test results may be needed in additional to pulmonary testing.

If you are claiming a sleep related disorder, like apnea, sleep study testing is required.


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