State of Florida employees that have tested positive for COVID-19 are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they are employed by the State in particular jobs.

On March 1, 2020 Florida’s Chief financial Officer published a directive granting workers’ compensation coverage for COVID claims for Frontline Employees defined as:

  1. Law Enforcement Officers or police;
  2. Firefighters;
  3. Emergency Medical Technicians or paramedics;
  4. Correction Officers working in a state operated detention facilities;
  5. Healthcare workers employed by the state;
  6. Child Safety Investigators whose duties include welfare checks; and
  7. Florida National Guard members.

Any person employed by the State in one of these capacities, and who contracts COVID-19, is eligible for lost wage benefits, medical care and death benefits under Florida Workers’ Compensation law. No proof of contracting COVID-19 while in the course of your employment is required.

Simply put, if you are employed in one of these jobs and you test positive for COVID-19, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. It doesn’t matter if you believe you contracted COVID-19 elsewhere, your claim will be covered.

Under the Florida workers’ compensation system, your medical bills and prescription drugs will be covered in full by the Division of Risk Management. Lost time from work, whether from illness or isolation, will be paid at 66.6% of your average weekly wage. Should you have any permanent impairment as a result of your COVID exposure, you will be eligible for impairment benefits as outlined in Florida Statute 440.15. If death results from COVID-19 exposure, your spouse and children are potentially eligible for death benefits under Florida Statute 440.16.

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