Increasing Chances of Success in a Social Security Disability Case

Woman in wheelchair

The majority of Social Security disability applications the Social Security Administration receives are denied the first-time through. In these types of cases, the only way to gain access to SSDI benefits is to file an appeal and ask for reconsideration.

The following actions can also dramatically increase your chances of success in a Social Security Disability case:

  • Do not delay seeking disability benefits. As soon as you become disabled and unable to work, you should waste no time in pursuing your SSDI claim.
  • See your personal doctor and find out if he or she concurs that your condition is grounds for a disability claim. If your doctor does not believe your injuries or illness makes you eligible to pursue SSDI benefits, you are going to have a difficult if not impossible time gaining access to benefits.
  • Continue going to the doctor on a regular basis. Your needs for benefits will be based on your condition. If you do not require continued medical treatment, the SSA is unlikely to approve benefits.
  • The SSDI application process is complex. If you have questions or you need assistance, we advise you seek the counsel of an experienced Social Security disability attorney.
  • Hire a Social Security disability attorney to guide you through the application process. Retaining the services of an attorney can also assist you when appealing a denial of coverage.
  • Submit your medical records along with your initial application, as well as along with any appeal you need to file.
  • Cooperate with the claim examiner processing your claim. Respond quickly, answer questions fully and provide any additional information for which you are asked. Kindness and consideration will also go a long way to expediting your claim and improve your chances of success.

At Harris & Riviere, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys take a personalized approach to the legal counsel we provide. We have more than five decades combined experience. One of our attorneys has a Very Good Rating on Avvo, while the other is Martindale-Hubbell® AV Preeminent® Rated. As a result of our hard work and determination we have a long track record of being able to successfully help our clients pursue SSDI benefits.

We understand how important it may be to your survival to receive benefits, and to do so in a timely fashion. We are unrelenting advocates for the injured and are committed to doing everything we can to help you seek the disability benefits you may be eligible to receive. To find out more about what our firm can do for you, contact us now to schedule a free consultation with a Tampa Social Security disability attorney.

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