Time Limit in Requesting a Disability Hearing After a Denied Claim

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Has your application for Social Security disability insurance been denied? Are you wondering the time limitations in requesting a disability hearing? The Social Security Administration imposes strict time limits for those individuals interested in requesting a disability hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ) after having a claim denied. If you have a SSDI claim that has been denied, you only have 60 days from the date of your denial letter in which to request a disability hearing. Individuals who fail to request a hearing within the given time limit will have their case dismissed and they will no longer be eligible to continue with the appeal process.

There are occasions when exceptions will be given to an individual who is unable to request a hearing within a timely fashion, but these are extremely rare. As there are many different aspects and levels of appeal, your odds of success will be much greater if you do not delay. Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer is also extremely beneficial in the appeals process.

If you have had a Social Security disability claim denied, reach out to our firm right away. We offer a free consultation with a lawyer so you can have your case reviewed without financial obligation. We do not require our clients to pay for our services upfront. The representation we provide is done on the basis of our ability to recover benefits on your behalf. If we are unable to get you benefits, there is no fee for the legal services we have provided. Our lengthy track record of success and the testimonials we have received from clients are clear evidence of our ability to get real results. We have the skills necessary to help you pursue SSDI benefits and will stop at nothing to see you are given the rightfully consideration you deserve.

A denial does not mean you will be unable to receive disability benefits. The majority of SSDI claims are delayed multiple times before an approval is ultimately received after reconsideration. We can provide legal representation in all aspects of the SSDI claim process. Contact a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer at Harris & Riviere, Attorneys at Law to get started.

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