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Disability Benefits Based on FMLA Paperwork Social Security

Judge awards Disability benefits based in part on FMLA paperwork

  • Disability Benefits Awarded for Sheltered Employment Social Security

    Claimant with Low I.Q. awarded Social Security Disability benefits whensheltered employment proven

  • Childhood Head Injury Social Security

    Childhood head injury progresses to cognitive personality and emotional limitations as adult

  • Request for Limited or Closed Period Approved Social Security

    Request for Limited or Closed Period Approved

  • Unable to Do Sedentary Work Social Security

    Younger individual (Age 45-49) with limited education was not able to do sedentary work awarded benefits

  • Capacity for Sedentary Work Social Security

    Younger individual (Age 45-49) With capacity for sedentary work and a high school education awarded benefits

  • Grieving Parents Awarded Benefits Social Security

    Parent of deceased child shown to be grieving Many years later, awarded social security disability benefits

  • Benefits Awarded to Mentally Depressed Claimant Social Security

    Despite no work history, supplemental social security benefits awarded to mentally depressed claimant

  • Veteran Awarded Social Security Disability Social Security

    Veteran awarded Social Security Disability when drug and alcohol abuse were proven to be immaterial

  • Schizophrenic Claimant Awarded Disability Benefits Social Security

    Schizophrenic claimant awarded disability benefits based on delusional writings and statements

  • Claimant With Date Last Insured Issue Awarded Benefits Social Security

    Claimant with date last insured issue awarded benefits after attorney pieces together 10 years of old records

  • Steady Work History Proves Deciding Favor Social Security

    Steady work history proves deciding favor in claim for disability benefits

  • Premature Baby Awarded Supplemental Benefits Social Security

    Premature baby with developmental delays awarded supplemental security income benefits

  • Minor Child Awarded Supplemental Benefits Social Security

    Minor child with listing level eczema awarded supplemental security income benefits

  • Complications From Diabetes Sufficient Social Security

    Complications from diabetes sufficient to prive eligibility for title ii disability benefits

  • Five Year Old Child Awarded SSI Benefits Social Security

    Five year old child awarded ssi benefits based on developmental and speech delay

  • Long Time City Employee Awarded Disability Benefits Social Security

    Long time city employee awarded disability benefits after extensive proof of return to work efforts made clear

  • Veteran Awarded Disability Benefits Social Security

    Veteran awarded disability benefits when judge concludes earnings under wounded warrior program Don’t count

  • Department Store Clerk Found Disabled Social Security

    Department store clerk found disabled from degenerative disc disease

  • Progression of Gout Leads to Fully Favorable Decision Social Security

    Progression of gout and medication side effects leads to fully favorable decision in social security claim

  • Social Security Benefit Suspension Recinded for Veteran Still Feeling the Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder FOR VETERAN STILL FEELING THE EFFECTS OF POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Social Security
    A fully favorable decision dated from Judge Messina involved an Iraq war veteran. The claimant had been seriously injured when his Bradly armored vehicle hit an IED. Due to his massive lower leg injuries the claimant was originally awarded disability benefits, but the Social Security Administration determined the claimant had improved sufficiently that the benefits could be suspended. Attorney Leslie Riviere was able to show that the claimant was still suffering the effects of a closed head injury and PTSD to an extent that prohibited gainful employment, and benefits were continued.
  • Cardiac Condition Leading To Missed Time From Work Social Security

    Cardiac condition leading to missed time from work, sufficient to prove eligibility for social security disability